Life is crazy, but songs like My Anchor keep us from being blown off course.

My Anchor

We’re bringing My Anchor into our Sunday morning line-up so I thought I’d share a little background with y’all.
Christy Nockels and Jason Ingram wrote My Anchor. From the moment I heard her lead it at a Passion event I knew it was special. Christy (as if we are on a first name basis) has been one of my favorite worship leaders ever since I participated in my first Passion conference in Austin in 1999. I was a senior in high school.

I remember those powerful worship times. They helped me open my heart to receive the Word and engage, you know, show up for my life in that season.  Up until that time I had the perspective on worship that I was exposed to via contemporary Christian music publishers like Vineyard, Integrity and Maranantha. Passion Conferences opened up a whole new world and I couldn’t get enough. When I am belting songs from the top of my lungs around the house I sometimes imagine that Christy and I are singing together. Don’t judge me.My Anchor

My Anchor sports the ocean theme like so many of the other songs I’m loving these days. Just my opinion, but I think it’s brilliant to leverage imagery that speaks to our culture.

You don’t have to watch the nightly news very long to see multiple evidences of our culture being completely tossed and thrown by waves of public opinion largely influenced by godlessness. Humans do some dumb stuff. And although I (a self-proclaimed desert rat) have never been in a storm in the ocean (hello: I’ve seen Jaws. And we all know from Facebook sensation Sister Pooh that the ocean is the shark’s house!), I can imagine it wouldn’t take much of one to make me aware of how helpless and prone to despair I would be without mighty intervention.

Some people think that times are so much worse today than they were just a few short decades ago. I disagree.
I’m not saying the old days weren’t good for some people, but let’s be honest: in the beginning of humanity the Bible tells us the homicide rate was 25% just in Adam and Eve’s family!
Sin is sin is sin. Where there is sin there are tears. It always brought separation and we needed a Rescuer to deliver us and make a way back to the Father. Jesus did this perfectly, completely through the finished work of the cross.

(‘Cause You’re) My anchor forever
My shelter within the storm
You’re my Deliverer You never falter
(Yes) You’re the Rock I stand on

One of my favorite aspects of this song is the imagery. In this season of life I feel like one day I’m on top of the motherhood mountain owning it like a boss and the next I’m grasping for air and drowning in despair and frustration. My Anchor gives me the opportunity to declare the truth of who God is. My focus is shifted onto His character and track record. Hope begins to rise up and it’s like I can begin to get some biblical perspective on my life. It never fails that when I sing songs like My Anchor that the Holy Spirit speaks a word to me and it’s like I understand the next step I’m supposed to take. The fog clears and my footing becomes sure again. I don’t care who you are, one word from the Lord can take you from absolute insanity to ordered peace in an instant. It’s my saving grace.

If you want to learn more of the nuts and bolts about this song then check out this interview with Christy and Nathan Nockels.
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I’d love to hear how this song has impacted you! Please share your story below.

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