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Maisey-gymnastics suitsSchool will start in 5 days.

We’ve got a 1st grader. She’s nervous, but ready to meet her teacher and get this party started.

My middle daughter will turn 5 on the first day of school. My DH and I decided that we would hold her back a year and let her mature just a bit more so she wouldn’t be the youngest in her class.

She and my youngest will go to a Mother’s Day Out program two days a week. I was at peace with this.

Then I had a visit with a friend and she told me that her daughter was young for her Kinder class so they just let her repeat Kinder.

“Yeah, I just didn’t want to pay for an extra year of child care,” she said.

And I could hear the blood rushing in my ears. It was as if time stood still.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was August 12th and registration day for new students. Here’s the inner dialogue I experienced:

Oh. My. Goodness. Why didn’t I consider that option??? Think of the $$$ we could save!? She would be there five days a week! I’d just have ONE at home three days a week! What time is it? She already has her shots. I know where her shot record is. I still have three hours to get her registered. I can DO this! I can make this happen!

Oh, yeah. I should probably talk to Jodie about this first. He’s in football practice. He won’t answer his phone. He won’t mind. What if he does mind? Ugh. I can’t do this.

I’m glad I didn’t do it. Jodie did care. LOL! It would not have been fun to have to go back down there and withdraw her the next day. And, I know this may shock some folks, but I really do love my girls. They make me laugh. They are a ton of work, but people tell me I will miss these days. So it’s okay with me to have her with me just a little bit longer.

Fishing with the fam in Lubbock.

Fishing with the fam in Lubbock.

My sweet Maisey is so special to me. When she was born Landry was only 18 months old. She doesn’t know what it’s like to not have sisters. Maisey wasn’t even two yet when Myka came along.

Maisey’s speech development is a little different than her sisters. She doesn’t lift the back of her tongue up to touch her throat (I’ve diagnosed her myself. I am not a professional.) so she can’t pronounce her c’s or k’s. This is endearing to me.

She likes fat. About two years ago I cut a strip of fat off my steak. Maisey ate it and wanted more. She said, “I yike the fat!” She’s precious! I love her and I can’t believe she’s about to be 5 years old!

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