The Lion and The Lamb

  I’m not sure why worship is so special to my heart, but I love it. I’ve loved to sing all my life. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t humming or singing. My family has to tell me to be quiet every now and then because they just need a little quiet. Many kinds of worship music grabs me: Gospel, Contemporary, etc. At any given time, I might have very different types of songs well up in my {Read More}

Speak into the Chaos

I really enjoy listening to Focus on the Family’s podcasts on my phone while I fold laundry or cook supper. If you don’t have their app on your phone I strongly encourage you to download it. It’s free! So the other day I was listening to Shaunti Felhahn’s talk called “Changing Your Relationships Through the Power of Kindness”. I learned there are three components to kindness. One is not being negative. I can’t remember the other two. I figure applying {Read More}

Peace has Come

We had a hard weekend. Friday my oldest daughter accidentally cut her hand and my husband had to take her to the urgent care clinic to see if she needed stitches. A little more than 24 hours later our middle daughter slipped/tripped and went headlong into our coffee table. Back to the urgent care clinic we went. It seemed like wrapping the youngest in bubble wrap might be in order. I felt horrible. Even though both daughters are doing great {Read More}

Leveraging the Anticlimactic in Your Favor

He was a senior competing in his greatest season yet. He scratched his first throw and his second wasn’t going to get him into the finals. This was his last chance. Do or die. One good throw could buy him at minimum three more throws in the discus ring. At best it would extend his season one more week and send him to state. His face was as flint. Poised and focused, he entered the ring, centered himself and began {Read More}

Meet the Author: R. M. Huffman

Do you wonder what life was like for Old Testament folk like Adam and Eve? I always wondered what they did all day long when they lived for hundreds of years. If you stand with creationism then you don’t always have your views represented in mainstream bookstores. Quite frankly, I haven’t run across a lot of great literature that inspires me when it comes to exploring what life may have been like during the time before The Flood until now. {Read More}

My Anchor

We’re bringing My Anchor into our Sunday morning line-up so I thought I’d share a little background with y’all. Christy Nockels and Jason Ingram wrote My Anchor. From the moment I heard her lead it at a Passion event I knew it was special. Christy (as if we are on a first name basis) has been one of my favorite worship leaders ever since I participated in my first Passion conference in Austin in 1999. I was a senior in {Read More}

Cabin Fever-Induced Goal Setting of 2016

I am afraid of goal setting. There. I said it. It stresses me out. I don’t like looking in the mirror and feeling the way I judge myself for not meeting my own expectations. However, I got tricked into goal setting this year. The day after Christmas brought Goliath or Snowmageddon or whatever we’re supposed to call the blizzard that dumped around 10″ of snow on us in the Panhandle. We hadn’t left the house much for about a week {Read More}

Jodi’s 2015 Thanksgiving Top 10 Family Moments

Everyone knows getting together with the family for big holidays can be challenging at times, but they can also be incredibly fun. I had a fabulous time with my folks. Jodie and I even got to sneak off to Weatherford and go on a date. It was great! And for real, you can’t make this stuff up. Here’s a snapshot of my Thanksgiving. 10. Getting stuck inside the house with 11 other people for more than three days due to {Read More}

If You’re Fearful You’re Probably Too Scared to Read This

If you are truly afraid of ISIS and other terrorist organizations invading your neighborhood, then I believe I have a word from God for you. If your heart’s response to needy people is, “Get away from me. I’m afraid you’ll suck me dry and then I won’t have enough to take care of my family,” then I believe I have a word from God for you. I am speaking to the person that is terrified of the unknown, death, sickness, {Read More}

Remembering a Legacy of Love

Another saint finished her race and I’ll miss her until we meet again. My great-aunt Barbara Wheat passed away this weekend. She was my maternal grandmother’s sister. I can’t even come close to listing all the great memories I have of spending time with her whole brood. But I’m in the mood to reminisce, so climb in with me as I give you a little tour down memory lane. Barbara was married to Ralph Gary Buck Wheat. We called him {Read More}