The Lion and The Lamb

  I’m not sure why worship is so special to my heart, but I love it. I’ve loved to sing all my life. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t humming or singing. My family has to tell me to be quiet every now and then because they just need a little quiet. Many kinds of worship music grabs me: Gospel, Contemporary, etc. At any given time, I might have very different types of songs well up in my {Read More}

Peace has Come

We had a hard weekend. Friday my oldest daughter accidentally cut her hand and my husband had to take her to the urgent care clinic to see if she needed stitches. A little more than 24 hours later our middle daughter slipped/tripped and went headlong into our coffee table. Back to the urgent care clinic we went. It seemed like wrapping the youngest in bubble wrap might be in order. I felt horrible. Even though both daughters are doing great {Read More}

My Anchor

We’re bringing My Anchor into our Sunday morning line-up so I thought I’d share a little background with y’all. Christy Nockels and Jason Ingram wrote My Anchor. From the moment I heard her lead it at a Passion event I knew it was special. Christy (as if we are on a first name basis) has been one of my favorite worship leaders ever since I participated in my first Passion conference in Austin in 1999. I was a senior in {Read More}