Hattie Peck

Landry wanted me to read a book called Hattie Peck to her while she settled in for a nap today. She’s been battling high fever and a cough with the flu. I started reading the story and it began explaining that Hattie Peck only had one egg and it never hatched. She thought about eggs all the time. She wanted eggs so badly that she decided to go find all the abandoned eggs she could find.

hattie peck

Landry interrupted me and said, “Mom, I can tell Hattie was doing four things: she thought about eggs, she longed for eggs, she wanted eggs and she needed eggs.”

I was impressed by her thought process.

I didn’t expect to talk about infertility with her, but this was too ripe a moment to pass it by. “I know what it’s like to think about the fact that you don’t know if you will ever have a baby. I felt that way after we lost our first baby before you were born.” I went on, “You know, when I look back on that time when we miscarried I can smile now because I know that God was with us during that hard time. He never left us,” I explained.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” she said. “When you die and I’m struggling, will you call me and tell me whether I had a big brother or a big sister in heaven?” How precious this conversation became to me!

I said I’d do my best, but I’d have to see if God would let me. My grandmother Bamzi used to tell us that some things we wouldn’t know until we got to heaven, and then we wouldn’t even care. Landry thought on that for a moment. We talked about heaven and imagined what it would be like.

She approaches some subjects from such a different perspective than I. This kid can push my buttons like no one else can, but she is also one of the most incredible thinkers I’ve ever met. We just talked and talked and I left her room with my heart full.

She reminds me that treasure is rarely sitting on top of the soil. If I’ll take the time to unplug and dig a little bit, I’ll walk away a richer person for the experience.

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  1. nita Frazier says:

    you are definitely raising a creative thinker. I’m glad you discussed infertility with her. It’s a topic too often brushed aside. I love reading how you’re letting guide you in parenting your girls. Thdy’ll bre stronger, more grounded women for it.

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