Jodi’s 2015 Thanksgiving Top 10 Family Moments

Everyone knows getting together with the family for big holidays can be challenging at times, but they can also be incredibly fun. I had a fabulous time with my folks. Jodie and I even got to sneak off to Weatherford and go on a date. It was great! And for real, you can’t make this stuff up. Here’s a snapshot of my Thanksgiving.

10. Getting stuck inside the house with 11 other people for more than three days due to inclement weather.  Uh, yeah.

9. Central heating malfunction during what should have been an “easy 10-minute job” resulting in relying on back-up sources of heating during a cold snap.
I felt bad for Jodie because he spent a lot of time working on it. Thankfully we still had electricity and other means of warmth.

8. The power struggle created when eight kids under the age of nine who are constantly in the fridge and the adults desperately trying to keep up with the dishes. My dad did a lot of the cooking during our stay. I’m sorry, but as a mom I deal with kids grazing in the kitchen almost daily. They’re never hungry when it’s time to eat, but as soon as we’re done cleaning up the kitchen they swear they’re dying of starvation. Good news is they just get a huge serving of whatever and then eat about 2 tablespoons’ worth of food. It’s enough to push someone over the edge. Dad had to talk himself down out of a dither on more than one occasion.

7. Your normal, run-of-the-mill whining/complaining resulting from letting the children tend to themselves with minimal adult supervision. We love getting a little break, but around Day 3 (sometimes much sooner) you know that parenting from the couch isn’t going to cut it anymore.

6. Trying to explain to your 5-yr-old daughter that she cannot marry her first cousin no matter how much they love each other. Thankfully, my 5-yr-old nephew announced at bedtime, “I am not marrying Maisey. You cannot marry your family or your kids will have three or four eyes!” Maisey and Will are exactly 5 weeks apart in age. They are very close and love each other from the heart, but they’re getting to the age where they need to be chaperoned. We are thankful that misinformation can work to your advantage when discouraging undesirable relationships.

5. Bossy sisters. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t function in life without ‘em. My sister still tells me what to do. And the irksome thing is most of the time she’s right.

4. Helping the kids make out their Christmas wish list/Letters to Santa. My kids made bulleted lists. My nephew Taylor wrote more of a letter which was precious. My favorite was when he wrote, “Section 1: Santa how do you travel around the world in just one night? How do you eat all the cookies and milk without throwing up?” Maisey dictated her list to me. We have a very strong musical dragon and magical unicorn theme running through her list, i.e. “And please a dragon stuffed animal that copies my words and a pterodactyl dragon that breathes real fire that has wings that makes it fly for real and copies my words.” I’m sorry, but that just sounds more like a nightmare to me. I’m pretty sure we will not be licensed to become foster parents if we have a pterodactyl flying around our house breathing real fire.

3. Finding out that yet another nephew wants to sleep with my daughter. He is 4 and hardly ever gets to see my girls. He is just about the sweetest little boy ever. He told my mom, “Granny, you know that other little girl? Maisey’s little sister? I want to sleep with her. She is a LOT of fun to play with!” Oh to go back to preschool days where who you get to sleep next to is a big deal. Wait. I’m in my 30s and it’s still a big deal. HAHA.

2. Almost getting kicked out of my parents’ house the first night because I bought Heinz mustard. Dad was fired up.

Dad: Who bought this Kerry Ketchup, I mean mustard?!?

Me: I did. It was on sale and I even had a coupon.

I’ve heard some people say their fathers fought in WWII in the Pacific Theater and weren’t allowed to eat rice growing up. You know you might be in a conservative home when you still aren’t allowed to buy Heinz brand anything no matter how much time has gone by after John Kerry’s run for the Presidency.

1. Embracing family time as a gift from God. Some of His very best presents are wrapped in chaotic packaging. It was God’s idea to create family. It is in our families where we learn how to love, trust, forgive and grow. We practice loving the world around us by loving those who see what we’re like in the good, bad and ugly. I’ve been incredibly blessed with my family (of origin and my in-laws, too).

These are my observations. Notice I didn’t talk much about my shortcomings, but my family knows them well. May we spend more time counting our blessings and let God’s gifts fill us, refine us and bring Him glory. And for Heaven’s sake let’s laugh along the way.

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