Monterrey Mission Trip Part 2

So in the last post I shared a little about the beginnings of our trip to Monterrey.

After being up since 4am, we were ready to eat some lunch and take a nap. Pastor Armando and his son Daniel met us at the airport and drove us to our hotel. We ate at El Papalote which means “The Windmill” and was comparable to Chili’s, but better. They brought out about 8 different salsas, so it was simply wonderful. The owners of El Papalote must’ve really liked 80s music because there was one flat screen TV dedicated to 80s music videos at all times. Of course, soccer was always an option, too.

We enjoyed the lunch and then Chris spent some time asking us what God had placed on our heart to share during our time in Monterrey. It never ceases to amaze me how life-giving it can be to simply listen to another person to discuss what they want to give to others. The people I hang out with are full of God’s love. They desire to share God’s goodness with everyone. What a blessing!

Monterrey-Rocio & group

Abbie, Hanna, Rocio, yours truly and Summer Photo courtesy Abbie Kellum

We rested a little bit and then Pastor Armando picked us up and dropped us off in groups of two at each of their cell groups. Derek and Abbie went with Danny. Chris and Hanna went with Armando. Summer and I went with Armando’s wife Rocio.

This particular cell group met outside under the carport. It was a little chilly, but not so much so that we were uncomfortable. It was so much warmer in Monterrey than Plainview; we weren’t complaining! We quickly met the group and then Rocio had each person take a small piece of paper from a plastic bag. My paper let me know that I was to say the final prayer. Summer drew a smiley face so her job was to smile (which she did to perfection!). Rocio had us all participate in a short ice-breaker and then we worshiped together for a few songs. The songs were the Spanish versions of Hillsong’s “Alive” and “Cornerstone“.

What a sweet time to worship God in multiple languages! Even the neighborhood dogs were lifting their voices in a holy howl ;-).

I shared my testimony in Spanish and then Rocio asked me to minister to each person. It felt perfectly natural to pray in English and Spanish as I needed to. The Spirit of God was manifesting Himself in such a sweet way.

Rocio prayed with one of the young ladies that wanted to start a relationship with Jesus. Again, I was overwhelmed with how natural it was. No fireworks. No weirdness. Just caring people reaching out to those they love and having a conversation.


Photo courtesy Abbie Kellum

After that the ladies brought out all kinds of great food and we just visited for a while. One of the dishes I remember was spaghetti noodles in a cream sauce spiced with jalapenos. It was very spicy, but so delicious. They use Nestle’s Media Crema (table cream) which is similar to sour cream, but still different. I can’t get over it. Please understand that while we were in Monterrey the hospitality was HUGE. Several of my team members told me how much they enjoyed getting to connect with our friends in Mexico through the food and fellowship.

Monterrey-Las Palomas2

Photo courtesy Abbie Kellum

Monterrey-Las Palomas

Photo courtesy Abbie Kellum


Photo courtesy Abbie Kellum

The next morning we enjoyed a special treat at breakfast time. They had carrot juice which was great, but our absolute favorite was cactus juice! It had pineapple, celery, orange juice and honey with it and it was so, so good. Pastor Armando picked us up and took us to a nearby town called Santiago. We looked around at some points of interest and visited a hotel called Las Palomas that some friends own. Check out these photos from my friend Abbie Kellum.


Photo courtesy Abbie Kellum

After checking out the Christmas displays in the plaza we drove over to Allende and ate at a restaurant called Capri. This was hands down our favorite meal of the entire trip. We ate asado until we couldn’t shove another blessed taco in our mouths. And believe me, we gave it our best effort! I loved their lemonade, too.

That evening we hung out with Armando’s congregation. They were incredibly friendly and we had a blast. I met a mother of four daughters. We visited about our kids and she shared some challenges she faces as a mother. She started tearing up and I saw a look in her eyes a look only a mama can understand. You do your best and entrust your children to the infinitely capable hands of God.

Photo courtesy Derek Kellum

Photo courtesy Derek Kellum

We all shared our testimonies and then Pastor Armando announced Abbie and I would be leading a worship song. On the way up to the front I asked her what she knew by heart and she said, “Revelation Song,” so that settled it! It’s always good to be prepared in season and out of season, amen?!

Monterrey-Abbie&Jodi leading worship

Photo courtesy Derek Kellum

As we worshiped we could sense people’s open hearts and the ministry that the Holy Spirit did was meaningful as we prayed for various people.

And then we ate again.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I ate for the first time MOLE that I LIKED! It was piled up on a torta bun like a Mexican BBQ sandwich and I liked it. Don’t judge me.

So I’m curious, have you ever been to this part of Mexico? What was your favorite part?



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