Halloween and Morning Routines

I just decided this morning that I hate Halloween. It’s not even because I grew up in a home where we chose to not celebrate Satan’s holiday. Side note: I distinctly remember my mom creating a Noah’s Ark costume for me out of posterboard, suspenders and stuffed animals when I was in the 5th or 6th grade. This is funny to me mostly because my mom was not particularly known for her crafting skills nor was I totally on board {Read More}

To Use or Not to Use Coconut Flour. That is MY Question.

So it’s been over a year that my Dear Husband (DH) and I fully committed to somewhat eating more clean. Last year before Spring Break he was all-systems-go with CrossFit and wanted to go paleo. I was terrified. He was so gentle and kind about it, but all I could hear from him even bringing up the idea of us changing our eating lifestyle was, “You have to change EVERYTHING about how we cook. And it’s going to cost a {Read More}

Jesus and Oxi-Clean

I just had one of the most amazing bedtime moments with my daughters. If you’re like me then you might have amazing plans for all the books you’ll read to your children before bed. You may think up ways to tell the most awesome adventure story that has your children literally sitting on the edge of their seats and begging for more. I used to do that kind of dreaming, too. Then I got tired and turned into something less {Read More}

Beware of “Dollar Tree”

This morning began much like any other morning. My husband and I didn’t go to bed with kids in our bed, but when I awoke Dear Husband (DH) was gone, and two kids were in his place. I rolled out of bed and began my morning rituals. After brewing some coffee and adding my new pitcher of pumpkin spice latte to my favorite travel mug it was time to sit down and read my devotional. Landry built pyramids out of {Read More}

Homework Math Problem Is Really No Problem

My eldest is in Kindergarten and is learning all sorts of new things. I love watching her grow in her knowledge and understanding of the world around her. I really can’t wait until she’s reading well. The opportunities that brings is super cool to me. Here is an example of some math work she’s doing. I literally laughed out loud and couldn’t take a picture fast enough. At first glance this isn’t so out-of-the-ordinary, but for those of you who {Read More}

So What’s Up with Shame?

I think I’m going to be blogging in a series about Dr. Brene’ Brown’s The Power of Vulnerability. I’m a pretty frugal person when I want to be and I’m too cheap to buy her book, so I’m listening to the audiobook on YouTube. It’s only 6 hours, so why not, right? I did figure out pretty quickly that I have to listen when the kids are not around as she can use some colorful language I’d rather the children not {Read More}

He Came Near

He Came Near I mopped my floors this morning. Just let that sink in for a moment. It is a pretty big deal for me to get that done, for those of you who don’t know me well. I even put some special ingredients into the hot water and my home smells pretty good. Normally, I have a pretty rough attitude when it comes to preparing my home for events. I love to have people around us, but I don’t {Read More}

Searchers, Not Needers, Find

Ever feel like you’re on the cusp of something special. You know there is potential inside of a particular situation, but don’t know how to get there from here? I feel that way every time I look in my fridge and my pantry. 😉 I’ve found some really great speakers I like to listen to from time to time. One such person is Jim Rohn. He’s added a ton of value to people from all over the world. I listened {Read More}

Stumbling Around

So you don’t know this, but this is the second time I’ve typed this. Why? Because I don’t know what I’m doing. I think I know. But I don’t really know. So I fumble my way through the path in hopes that I’d stumble upon a finished product I can be proud of. I AM really excited to communicate with you all via this blog. I know I’ll get better at it and I’m looking forward to the journey. Today {Read More}