Peace has Come

We had a hard weekend. Friday my oldest daughter accidentally cut her hand and my husband had to take her to the urgent care clinic to see if she needed stitches. A little more than 24 hours later our middle daughter slipped/tripped and went headlong into our coffee table. Back to the urgent care clinic we went.

It seemed like wrapping the youngest in bubble wrap might be in order. I felt horrible. Even though both daughters are doing great and have no lasting damage I couldn’t say the same for my heart. My mind kept replaying the scene from my daughter’s head crashing into the coffee table. When I’d lie down I couldn’t sleep well. Images of my daughters being mangled and cut plagued my mind.

After talking over the scenario with some friends I could feel my heart start to open to the possibility that maybe I’m not the worst mother ever to walk this earth. I’m being a bit dramatic, but you know what I’m talking about, right?

No one knows more than our own selves how we come up short some days. Some days we aren’t really doing such a bad job, but our hearts just don’t seem to see it that way. We need a realignment of the soul. Holy Spirit gave me that opportunity early Sunday morning while I was listening to a song I was supposed to lead during the church service.

I’d been wondering all week how to introduce it to our congregation since it would be new to most of them. As it played my heart focused in on the lyric, “Peace has come for our King is with us.”

In that moment I felt the Lord speak truth to my spirit.

I don’t have peace in my heart because I do everything so well. Or because all the circumstances of my life line up to my expectations.

I have peace because the King is with me. Emmanuel. God with us.

All of the sudden that which felt so overwhelming (in a bad way) seemed to lose its power to drive fear deep in my heart. If the God who created the Universe says He is with me, then I think my chances of getting through this tough time just got a whole lot better.

Peace Has Come

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