Speak into the Chaos

I really enjoy listening to Focus on the Family’s podcasts on my phone while I fold laundry or cook supper. If you don’t have their app on your phone I strongly encourage you to download it. It’s free! So the other day I was listening to Shaunti Felhahn’s talk called “Changing Your Relationships Through the Power of Kindness”. I learned there are three components to kindness. One is not being negative. I can’t remember the other two. I figure applying {Read More}

Jesus and Oxi-Clean

I just had one of the most amazing bedtime moments with my daughters. If you’re like me then you might have amazing plans for all the books you’ll read to your children before bed. You may think up ways to tell the most awesome adventure story that has your children literally sitting on the edge of their seats and begging for more. I used to do that kind of dreaming, too. Then I got tired and turned into something less {Read More}