Meet the Author: R. M. Huffman

Do you wonder what life was like for Old Testament folk like Adam and Eve? I always wondered what they did all day long when they lived for hundreds of years. If you stand with creationism then you don’t always have your views represented in mainstream bookstores. Quite frankly, I haven’t run across a lot of great literature that inspires me when it comes to exploring what life may have been like during the time before The Flood until now. {Read More}

I’m Dreaming Again

I love to read. I don’t know when it became so much fun, but I remember reading The Baby-sitters Club books and not being able to read the cursive sections of the books. I loved The Black Stallion series. Nancy Drew. Hardy Boys. Choose Your Own Adventure. Hank the Cowdog. If we had it in our school library, then I read it. The power of a well-told story captured my imagination. Growing up in my hometown gave me a certain {Read More}