A Writer’s Perspective on How to Present an Excellent Dissertation Methodology Section

How to Write a Great Dissertation Methodology Section

Like any other academic paper, a dissertation follows a particular structure. As a writer, you must know the right structure that you are following to ensure you present a recommended piece. The reason for this is that a great dissertation will earn you excellent marks, which will eventually make you graduate with honours. To learn how to write an excellent methodology section, consider the following tips.

Know Your Topic

The topic will determine if your paper is deep or shallow. Deep topics are those that are too broad for the student to understand and will include everything that is not from their area of study. The shallow topics will be broad and could include all that is not essential to your research. Therefore, choosing a theme that can be included in your dissertation is an essential step to writing it expertly. A good dissertation topic will be:

  1. Sentence/article limit- the research topic must be short. The correct amount of content to include in the methodology section is dependent on your sentence or article limit. The research topic should not exceed ten or fifteen sentences.
  2. Customized paper- the topic must be approved by the supervisor before you begin working on the assignment. Customization is another crucial step that ensures you write a dissertation that reflects your area of specialization. Follow the procedure given in your supervisor before drafting your dissertation.
  3. Credible literature- develop your literature from reliable sources. Research is a process that needs evidence to back up what you are stating. Therefore, it is essential to seek credible literature to guide you on your write-up. Find out the type of literature that is included in the paper in the topic search page.
  4. Read and analyze the sources present in the literature- you now know what you are looking for if you conduct a review. Dissertation methodology sections are now part of the original literature analysis section. It requires keen analysis to ensure that your dissertation answer the question. Read and understand what other authors are writing so that you can have an even better answer to your writing problem.
  5. Citation rules are strict- citations in any published research work must be done using the particular citation style specified by the work. For a dissertation, cite only the chapters that follow from your points. They are also not to be used in place of the keyword of the publication.

Before you write the methodology section, make sure you know the purpose of this section. Why do you need to include this part in your dissertation? Before you formulate a question, there are several things that will help you formulate a viable argument. Come up with the best approach to convince the reader why your chosen dissertation should be given the weight to address the study issue.

The following are some of the crucial sections to include in the dissertation methodology section. They are explained below:

  1. Introduction- the introduction introduces the main topic for the research. Explain your research and explain why your chosen topic is advantageous for your research. Here, you describe the research problem and show how it will be solved.
  2. Selection of variables – Explain how you chose the variables and link it to your research question. This part also includes the overall research question that you want to answer in your dissertation.
  3. The investigation method- here, you explain how the chosen study method will be applied in the research and show how it will solve the research question. Make sure that the information given here conforms to your chosen research questions.
  4. Data collection and analysis – here, you explain what you did when gathering data to answer your research questions.

    As you write the methodology section, ensure that it has the essentials. Ensure that it uses sufficient information to answer the research question and a reliable method to gather the data.

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