Applying for your thesis advice on the structure and content

With our help you master the application for the final paper. Whether master thesis, dissertation or diploma, with our helpful tips and patterns you can convince the company of you. If you want to know, are like your application documents for the final paper look, you’re exactly right.


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first Thesis in the company – Application for Thesis

The study time is the best time in life. We can only confirm! WG-parties and semester breaks are bombastic, if not for the homework and exam periods were. But if you want to successfully complete your studies, no way around it. At the end of study is always a thesis. Whether you study in Bachelor, Master, Diploma or dual. The thesis do not you come around. But before you get started gasping and panic attacks, just give us tips and our experience to the side. In addition to tips for motivation in their studies and how you can learn most effectively, check out our Career Guide particularly helpful tips on applying to the final work.

second Advantages and disadvantages of applying for a thesis


thesis in the company that makes any sense? That depends on it. Many students decide in the last semester to write the thesis or master’s thesis in the company. This has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the few disadvantages. It is said that it is more difficult to apply for a final paper and to write them in operation. As with many things in life, the answer is: It depends. Depending on the topic, Professor and companies that assessment may vary strictly fail. In most cases, the second corrector of the thesis is the company your boss or supervisor of the thesis. General can not say that the thesis is assessed somewhat more stringent one. However, the claim of the company is higher to your performance because the results are to be applied in practice.

What is perhaps a disadvantage, but an advantage of the thesis can be. The practical relevance of the thesis in collaboration with a company gives your thesis a different status and practical benefits. While many students to wrangle with books to make a final paper at the end of which no one looks after the delivery is great. If you decide to go for it but to apply you for your thesis in a company, your thesis has a greater benefit. Another advantage is that you have close contact with an employer. If you prove yourself during your thesis and show what skills you to offer the company have, then stand your chances are good to get hold of a permanent position in the company. You also get support while your dissertation writing. In addition to your professor, you can also seek advice on scientific work in the company.

third Applying for a thesis – Tips for structure and organization

A thesis in operation excites you and you’ve found a suitable company? Then it is time to prepare the application documents. The application for a thesis or Master’s thesis can vary from university to university. It does not matter whether you write your thesis at a university or technical college. Often you can get, so you need not apply directly to a company via the contacts of the university. So Check with your art, such as the application process for final works in the company looks like.

If you want to automatically search for great offers to write your thesis in the company, can you JUMP ALPHA course, reach under the arms.

Tip: Some companies do not write direct points for Theses from. So if you are interested in a company, look at the other vacancies. If a related position is advertised that suits your course, you yourself can submit an unsolicited application. Inquire necessarily at your university or college on the final paper before applying. If necessary, you must deny the theme of the work in advance with your professor or advisor.

Depending on the point of contact, but you can not until you take care of a company and then find a professor who supervised the topic for your dissertation, thesis or graduate.

Once you’ve found the right place with the right theme for your thesis, you can start. Your application for the final paper is usually of the following elements: cover letter, resume and notes. For a detailed application, you can expand on the following application documents:

  • page,
  • style=”list-style: none”> letter,
  • and
  • (certificates, certificates).

documents need you for your application for the final paper, you can often read out the job posting from the company’s career website or. are Generally speaking, the more creative the place, the more relevant cover page and cover letter. For jobs for engineers experience playing in contrast, a greater role, therefore, the resume should be more specific in this case.

3.1 All beginnings are difficult – Tips around the letter

Do not panic, hard as it is not at all! Even if you’ve no experience with an application for a thesis, you will be able to master step by step the application with our tips and examples. Applying for a thesis does not differ much from the application for an internship. The subtle differences and important aspects that there are observed, we will tell you! Let’s start with the most important points of the formalities, so the first impression is seated.

formatting and layout of your cover letter:

  • font: for example Arial, Calibri or Helvetica
  • font size: Between 10 and 12 points
  • maximum of one Din A4 page

This content belong to each letter:

  • contact information
    • name and last name
    • style=”list-style: none”> and phone number
  • the company
    • company
    • Name of the site
    • style=”list-style: none”> and date of application
    • (bold)
    • the subject line of your cover letter you should mention directly, on what topic you would like to write. If a reference code is specified in the notice, it should be included here.

      Subject pattern for your cover letter:

      applying for a job for a thesis from September 2019

      In the area of quality management, Reference ALPHA JUMP 2567

      unsolicited application to a master’s thesis from April 2018

      In the area of embedded software development

      the salutation is followed by the subject line. These should be selected polite. Our tip: If you can find a direct contact or an employee of the respective department or the human resources department, you should address this directly. This always makes a better impression, shows that you have on your mind with the company and personal.

      template for the salutation in the letter:

      Dear Mrs. Klein,

      Ladies and gentlemen,

      The main part of the cover letter is slightly different than a cover letter for an internship (LINK application-internship). Here, too, you should have a clear narrative, divide your cover letter for the final work into introduction, body and conclusion and present your skills clearly. here, however, because your performance in the study is important, you should also take more related to your studies. The biggest difference in the cover letter for the thesis, however, is that you describe your idea of a theme and possible cooperation. Discuss yourself beforehand where necessary with the professor or supervisor of your dissertation or master’s thesis on the subject.

      3.2 What is the resume for a thesis from?

      The CV in applying for your thesis or thesis is not significantly different from your regular CV with which you are applying for internships or permanent positions. You should only greater focus on your studies take when you write your thesis in the company. Mention the “study” not only the name of the university or college at you study, but also the focus in your studies. If you previously been a project work in the study have posted, you can mention with theme music and those as well. The company has already an idea of your coursework next to your transcript of which belongs urgently while applying for a thesis in the attachment.

      3.3 Sample construction of your and your CV for the final work

      When your resume is one thing in particular really in focus: To represent the information about you as simple and direct as possible While it is helpful rather stand out by perhaps unique design, but that is not. each area welcome and can quickly into negative development. Certain aspects that you should definitely consider in your resume, we have assembles here for you:

      These include your full name, your address and e-mail address and telephone number. Make sure that you choose a professional email address. At best, you take directly the address that you received from your university.

      The application photo is on applying for your bachelor or master thesis not a must. In Germany, however, it is always welcome. With a professional Bewerbungsfoto you make a good first impression and stay in the head of HR.

      Your studies is at the resume for your thesis definitely in the foreground. At what elementary school you were in turn is rather unimportant and no longer belongs to the life of a student. Give the “study” the focus of your studies in short Points to give a good look at the main points of the company.

      Among the additional qualifications all certificates or certificates may include what you have completed and are of interest to your application. Including language certificates or modifications can be, but also IT and Microsoft Office skills. Weighing on what makes sense for the thesis to applying for you you.

      Special interests or hobbies

      The statement of your interests on the resume is optional. There are some hobbies and interests that do not belong on the resume. To the most common mistakes include information such as “cooking, reading and meeting friends.” These are very generic and can be directly discharged. Attached are always interests that are exciting for the company. Are you interested in motor sports? Then should rein in your interests for a job at an automotive manufacturer that. But expect to have to answer specific questions about your interests. Therefore, you should here make only true information.

      Tips for the application process:

      ALPHA JUMP has provided many other helpful articles on the various stages of the application process for you. Whether mini-job, internship or young professionals – with us you’ll find helpful tips for your career

      Other helpful articles for your application:

      Finally, a tip for your job search: ALPHA JUMP you can create your free job match and find out how good match on your skills to your dream job. Here you can register for free and sleep comfortably job requests from employers get interesting.

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