Professional Cover Letter

Professional Cover Letter: Professional Writing Tips to Write Your Piece As One! Have you been eyeing a job opportunity for quite sometime? I bet you are wondering how you can land the post if you don’t have any academic qualifications. Writing a cover letter can be something easy and require very little time. But now, […]

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Author: Mian Nathan Date: — Title: A professional writer assures a one of a kind cover letter Support your Cover Letter

Please do not consider writing your cover letter as a stand-alone document. Ensure that it contributes to your chances of impressing a recruitment officer. Never use someone else’s writing as a template because it could confuse them and end up failing to show your abilities in person. Make your cover letter unique by including only […]

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Hello, my name is Erl Mullins. I’m a freelance writer and public speaker based in London. I aim to bring the different nuances of English to life with my content. My enthusiasm for my work is contagious, giving every word a unique feeling. My profile helps me to show that I’m also content-oriented and honest. My main audience is our young, educated community in East Europe. So I can make your project more creative and presentable for auditory.