How to Do Dissertation

What Makes Up a Dissertation?

It is important to understand that dissertation writing is an academic assignment which requires the student to draw conclusions concerning a subject that is of the utmost importance. Most lecturers will usually award the student a degree in the end of the dissertation period.

During this time, the student should be focusing their time entirely on the assignment, while also working on their thesis. However, writing this particular dissertation requires very specific requirements. It is, therefore, essential that students understand precisely what makes up a dissertation. Let us take a look at this section of the paper.

The Relevance of the Dissertation

A dissertation provides the student with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the coursework through thorough research. The writer then goes on to prove their understanding through a testable hypothesis. It follows then that a dissertation can be considered a procedure of investigating a phenomenon.

Understand that all the required information for your dissertation comes about via your research. Therefore, the writer must put in a lot of time and effort into investigating the topic and finding the needed resources to put into their work.

Just like any other piece of academic writing, you must ensure that your document is error-free and free of any errors. Errors can arise in a number of different ways, including but not limited to:

  • Absence of proper formatting
  • Poorly formatted content
  • Inadequate use of citations
  • Poorly cited sources

Even though your dissertation is meant to answer the stated question, it is always essential to demonstrate your understanding through scholarly sources that you have found that shed more light on your chosen subject. You need to ensure that these sources prove that you are responsible for the topic area. Remember to bring in external sources to validate your work.

What makes a great dissertation?

As we have seen above, there are specific steps that a student should put into when tackling their dissertation. It follows then that there is a clear delineation between dissertation writing and the rest of your coursework. As a student, it is essential to keep in mind that your dissertation should always be an extension of your education in that subject. To achieve this goal, your dissertation must contain specific sections and information that your tutor would expect to find in that dissertation.

The four major sections of your dissertation are:

  1. Introduction – as the name suggests, your dissertation must start off with an introduction. It is your responsibility to ensure that your introduction is informative and exciting. This is because the reader gets to find out what the topic of your paper is all about. Therefore, you must ensure that your introduction is catchy and arouses their interest. Ensure to include any relevant information that the reader could find in the dissertation.
  2. Methodology – your method of analysis will have to be set in place here. You should always ensure that all the methods used were appropriate and fully accepted in the field.
  3. Results – this is where you show all the findings that you got from the various means that you used to analyze the problem under study. This will also include the number of participants, the type of analysis, and whether the results obtained are valid and confirm the hypothesis.

In summary, you need to ensure that your dissertation is error-free. As mentioned above, your tutor will always give you specific guidelines regarding the correct format and structure of your dissertation. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to stick to these guidelines.

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